The new oasis of Mykonos


Paying homage to the storied past of the island, Ezio Bo is a new luxury hotel
that redefines the concept of style and relaxation in Mykonos.

Eziobo Mykonos

It intervenes the classic Cycladic essence with warm hospitality, a contemporary edge and modern décor, all while celebrating the beauty of its surrounding nature.

Within the timeless, cosmopolitan allure of Mykonos, Ezio Bo enjoys a privileged location at the top of the hill with amphitheatrical view of Platys Gyalos, within walking distance from the pristine waters of the famous Platys Gyalos Beach.

Eziobo Mykonos

This is a place where you can let go and find inspiration. A symphony where luxury, beauty, harmony and authenticity of the place promise great comfort.

Our brand-new hotel is designed to help you make the most of the area and spend the rest of your time enjoying the luxury of the island’s most unique hotel.
A timeless experience in Mykonos
Olive trees and lush greenery fill the air with fragrance, while the hotel’s main pool offers a cooling respite from the heat of the day.
Luxury living in Mykonos
Moments of relaxation thrive here with a view of the pristine Aegean Sea. Every corner oozes timeless opulence and Cycladic style and it welcomes modern travellers to relax in comfort.
The suites of Ezio Bo embody a refined Cycladic style that is equally warm and luxurious and will transport guests far from the hectic rhythms of everyday life.
An authentic Mykonian idyll

Treat yourself to relaxing days in a Mykonian idyll, an incomparable oasis of tranquility that we call Ezio Bo. Where the clocks seem to tick a bit more slowly, where olive trees and native greenery line the picturesque premises of our brand-new hotel in Platys Gyalos, we invite you to enjoy a superior accommodation experience, one that will fulfill your desires for a truly authentic holiday.

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